Benefits of FIST


Speed for execute the trades


Accurate Entry / Exit at desire Price


Help to trade a Large Quantity


Execute multiple strategies at a time


Strict Surveillence for Your Sefty

No Emotions

No Human Emotions effect to your trading


Less efforts & More focused trading


Help to maintain discipline in Trading

Features of FIST

Algo Modules Available

  1. IV Orders
  2. IV Spread Orders
  3. IV Spread 2 & 3 Lags
  4. 3 Options Algo
  5. ATM Algo
  6. Future to Future Algo
  7. Cash to Future Algo

Unique Algos

  1. Moving Average Algo
  2. Super Trend Algo
  3. Auto Delta
  4. ATM Algo

Strategies that can be Traded

  1. Volatility Spread
  2. Calendar Spread
  3. Bull & Bear Spread
  4. Ratio Spread
  5. Straddle & Strangle
  6. Butterfly & Condor Strategies

List of FIST Algos

Check Videos of FIST Algo Trading

All Algo Now available at Just Rs. 12075 / User / Month

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