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Advance Option Greeks for Retail Broking

Enables your team to become the master of options

The main focus of this workshop is to understand how clients can make logical returns by making trades in Derivatives Segment. As Investors need some good products which can satisfy their short term, medium term and long term view of market and simultaneously they don't want to take huge risk to earn small returns. This workshop explains different strategies which can satisfy the need of client and can be done continuously for long time.

Our observation on investor psychology is that investors trade on the confidence of the dealer / advisors / main members. So if these people understand the strategies in depth, they certainly can advise their investors to follow those strategies and Investors can also make sound trades on the recommendation of these advisors.

Following are few problems with brokerage houses :

1. Dealers don't want to take any view on market from their own decisions as they don't know how to take view of market.

2. They don't know when to enter, maintain and exit from the Options strategies so normally they focus on equity or futures only as they are simple to understand. But because of this attitude, they normally take high risk which may not be suitable to the clients profile.

3. Other than bullish and bearish view, there are many other views on market like earning time value, Range bound view, Volatile view etc. But as dealer himself don't know about that so he never recommend their clients the same.

Now we should understand that because of above problems, we normally ignore OPTIONS Business while 85% of market volume is coming from Options segment as of now. So it is very important to train our team for Options Segment so that they can become fundamentally sound in Options Strategies and can recommend their client and can make good research reports on Options Strategies.

This workshop includes training to the whole team of Member including management, dealers, risk management and research people. We start the session from basics of Options and then teach pay off profile, Break Even Point, Options Pricing, Options Greeks, Volatility Smile and Skew, Open Interest Theory and Options Strategies. We always try to focus on students in such a way so that they can get confidence to generate good volume with predefined risk - return scenarios. We provide lot of software to students which help them to understand the concept easily. 

This program is beneficial for the organisation who wants to increase their Volume in Options Segment.

Benefits: A Good career in Stock Market as....

Trader Fund Manager Sub- Broker
Investor Research Analyst Arbitrager
Dealer Member Jobber

Helpful to clear following NCFM Modules.....

Security Market Basic Module Equity Derivatives : A Beginner's Module
Capital Market (Dealer) Module Derivatives Market (Dealer) Module
Options Trading Strategies Module

Course Content

Strategies Included

What are call & Put Options? Bullish Strategies
Option Pricing & Option Greeks Bearish Strategies
Delta Straddle & Strangle Strategies
Gamma Ratio Spread Strategies
Vega Butterfly Strategies
Theta Condor Strategies
Rho Calendar Spread Strategies
Open Interest Theory Put Call Parity
Dispersion Theory Book Building Strategy
Volatility Sigma Range Short Gamma Strategies
Volatility Smile & Skew Low Delta Short Gamma Strategy

Course Add-ons:

  • Study Material

  • One Month Subscription of VolHedge Software

  • One Month Subscription of FinTester Software

  • Self Practice Homework


For WhomCourse
No. of
Team who is new in Options
4 Days / 2
3,00,000 15 17,500
Team who understand the Basic
profile of Call and Put Options
2 Days / 1
2,25,000 15 15,000

*Service Tax Extra