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Microsoft Excel for Financial Market

In the present competitive environment, all our efforts are focus on increase our efficiency. There is always a desire to improve and excel in our professional career. There so many things we do on MSExcel that makes it worth while for us.

This course is particularly design for those people who feel the requirement of getting better command over MS Excel for their daily routine works. Also for those who feels that better Data Management and Analytical Skill with the use of MS Excel will be useful for them. MS Excel is definitely more than just of Data Storage Tool or just a Tool for Quick Calculation.


We focuses on topics like... Better Data Management& Designing to make them more presentable. Tools like Conditional formatting, Table, Charts, Smart Art, are more & more extensive used by people. MS Excel is one of the very important tools when it comes to analyzing Data. Important Functions like VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, IF, ANDIF, ORIF, etc. and many more functions are used to customize data as per your need. Better command over them can definitely improve time and efficiency of people.


Same way Pivot Table and Macro take to the advance level for those are looking for MS Excel as research tool. As you do not require to know the Programming Coding and still you can simplify you work my using Macro Recording Option and Pivot Table.


In this workshop we will cover all the important expect of the MS Excel. This workshop will definitely make your work more simple smarter and Skillful.


This workshop is must for all the professional like CA, MBA. CFA. Accountants. Etc. All the participant in this work shop willget the certificate for the course.

Benefits:Career Enhancement tool for...

  • Students - Enhance your skill before introducing yourself to the world.

  • Professionals – Master your tough routine work with intelligent smart solutions.

  • Research Analyst – Develop you customize way to your research.

Course Add-ons:
  • Study Material (Soft Copy)
  • MS-Excel Self Practice Sheet
  • Daily Homework Sheet

Course Content: 

Excel Basics Text Functions Charts
Data Management Data & Time Functions Tables
Data Filters Logical Functions Pivot tables
Data Shorting Look-up Functions Macro
Formulas Other functions Using Excel with Web
Mathematical Formulas Conditional Formatting Google Spread Sheet


Course Duration Fees
Number of StudentsAdditional
15 Hours 40,000 10 3,500

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