Advances Options charting tool that aids decision making and help catch trading opportunities.

  • Study Graph on Historical Data
  • Compare analysis in compare chart
  • Plot volatility graph as well Greeks Graph also...
  • Use to Implement Own strategy Graph with Expression builder
  • Multi-Combination Facility

Main Features:

  • Plots LTP, Delta, Vega, Gamma, Vol Charts
  • Real time Market watch With Pre-Define Strategy
  • Compare Chart facility
  • Multiple Combination Cart Facility
  • Expression Chart Facility
  • One Click Opening of Various Charts like OPEN INTEREST, VEGA SPREAD, STRADDLE ETC.
  • Plots Implied Volatility, Price, Open Interest, Vega Spread , VolSpread, Cash to Future Spread, Future to Future Spread , Option LTP SpreadCharts, Cross hedge Charts
  • Real time Market Watch Facility
  • Data Export to excel facility
  • Vega Spread Calculator
  • Real time volatility of best five buy & sell of options in Marketpicture by price

Graph/Chart/Viewing Related Features:

  • On multiple graph chart, we can toggle share scale for better view
  • Charts can switch between Line Chart , Candle Stick Chart , Bar Chart
  • Various Technical Analysis tools available for advanced charting study
  • Various studies like Trend line, Rectangle, Fibonacci Price Lines, andGann Charts etc. can be done at the click of a mouse.
  • User defined multiple series charts
  • One click opening of various LTPs, vols, open interest, vega spreads
  • Multiple Graphs in one window for e.g. If you plotting cash to futurespread graph. You can simultaneously plot cash graph as well as future graph soas to understand what is moving the spread. Similarly for vol spread &future to future spread
  • User can define volume above which the tick needs to be plotted
  • User can see ticks in terms of value (as againstgraph) & even export them to excel for further review


  • Charts Can Switch between Point & Figure, Renko, Kagi, Three line break,Equity volume, candle volume, Heikinashi chart
  • Various Technical Analysis Tools Available For advanced Charting Study
  • Toggle share scale for better view on Multiple Graph chart
  • Show Shortcut Form
  • Online Update Available for Newer Version
  • Real-time BF, BF2, BF3, Straddle, C2F, PCP, OICalculation in Market watch

Facilitate End Users with:

  • Options Spread Graphs
  • Cash to Future Graphs
  • Future to Future Graphs
  • Stock Pair Graphs
  • Bull / Bear Spread Graphs
  • Options Calendar Spreads Graphs

Better Decision making forOption Strategies in relation to Volatility in:

  • Bull Spread/Bear Spread
  • Straddle/Strangle
  • Butterfly
  • Condor and many more

Why VolGraph is a must for Dealers?

  • VolGraph is a Unique Product
  • It is easier to see the Graph than to remember the Numbers. E.g.: Niftychart
  • Dealer needs to know the movement of their focused and non-focusedcounters.
  • Must for Jobbers who do Options jobbing. (Jobbers mostly get butcheredbecause of volatility effect in options. FinGraph will help them in knowing theUptrend and Down trend in Volatility)
  • Trading through Graphs are traditional methodapplied by FII's, DII's Stock Market Dynamics in India has changed. Revenuefrom Plain-Vanilla Strategies have dried up and Traders have no option but toshift to options world and various other innovative strategies. VolGraph willhelp them to accelerate faster, reducing the gestation period


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Rs. 10,000 Rs. 20,000

Special Offer:

Copy Ordered Free Copy Total Copy
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Terms & Conditions:

  • At the time of outright purchase, 20% AMC will be charged from second year.
  • Service Tax & VAT extra.
  • The first level of support and debugging of the software will be provided through internet based remote software.
  • All payments to be made by A/c Payee Cheque/D.D. in favour of “Finideas Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd.”
  • Bank details for fund transfer:

    Account Name : FinIdeas Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd. ||
    Account No. : 02512560022554
    Banker : HDFC Bank Ltd. ||
    Branch : Udhana Darwaja, Surat ||
    IFSC CODE : HDFC0000251