Customised Algo-Software

Our Motto :

  • Extending advantages of automation to general public at affordable price
  • Simplifying trading

For Whom?

If you are a trader who:

  • Believes in system based trading
  • Wants to automatise your system

Why automatise?

  • Elimination of mechanical activities
  • Focus on new ideas
  • Deploy one strategy in many scrips simultaneously
  • Deploy more than one strategy in multiple scrips
  • 3 Options Algo
  • Less involvement of human resource for expansion
  • Capturing all available opportunities as and when they come
  • Capture trades in first or last minute of trading

How we do it?

  1. Studying Clients Requirement
  2. Technical Feasibility Report of Requirement
  3. Development Cost and Time Estimation
  4. Development and Testing of Strategy in FIST
  5. Live Deployment of Algo Strategy in FIST
  6. Client decides whether he wants the Algo to be made public or not

Some of recently Customised-developed Algos:

  1. Trading on the basis of Intra-day Technical Indicators (Moving Average)
  2. Multi-Client Auto Delta Nuetral
  3. Volatility Difference Butterfly

Cost of Development:

Cost of development will be based on the Man Hours deployed for Algo Development

How we make it simply "No Cost" proposal?

Development Cost will be adjusted towards monthly rent of Licenses