Arjuna Strategy

The Focus of Arjuna Strategy is to Trade for Intraday Market. It makes trade using Algorithmic Program Trading Software. It is a very disciplined Strategy, as it keeps very small stop loss mechanism.

Arjuna Strategy has evolved as below:

  • Deep Data Testing on Past Data.
  • Found model having favorable risk return profile.
  • Developed Algorithmic Software for better execution.
  • Implemented the System
  • Continuous Research on betterment of Product

Qualities of good System based Product :

Though there is no fixed rule for a good System trading product.But it is advisable to have following features :

  1. Clear rules of selection of stocks, when to enter, exit, hold etc.
  2. Past data Testing
  3. Environment Testing
  4. Volume Testing
  5. Adequate Execution Platform
  6. Tracking Error Management
  7. Proper Reporting System
  8. Emergency Exit
  9. Cash Flow Management
  10. Transaction Cost Consideration
  11. Other holding cost consideration
  12. Event based Testing


You should…

  • Test Strategy on Past Data
  • Trade through Algorithmic Software for better execution
  • Stick with the System
  • Research regularly for betterment of Product
  • Understand Options Basics
  • Stay for 2 years with the Strategy

How to Start

  • Complete KYC – Process
  • Risk Profiling
  • Discussing the Product
  • Implementation of Strategy