The Management Board is responsible for managing the company. Its members are jointly accountable for the management of the company. The Management Board has, as its prime responsibility, the Group's strategic management, resource allocation, financial accounting and reporting, risk management, and corporate control.

Mr. Navneet Bhatter

Chartered Accountant

He is a Professional Trader in Derivatives Market since 2005. He has traded varied Derivatives Strategies like Cash-Future, Future Arbitrage, Volatility Spreads, Volatility Long/Short, Put-Call Parity in Index as well as Stock Options.
He holds Specialization in Trading Nifty Options. He is a Chartered Accountant and Holds Bachelors degree from H.R. College of Commerce.

Mr. Udipth Talera

CA (Gold Medalist), CTM, DBF

Mr. Govind I Jhawar