Finideas was founded with a goal to educate people in the field of Equity & Derivatives Markets and provide software which would give them an edge in trading. FinIdeas is a Team of young and committed individuals having diverse education and experience backgrounds.

We realize that we can remain competitive only through continuous updating and improvement. We achieve this by focusing on constant enhancement of our knowledge- base and technological edge. We are committed to an ambitious, forward- thinking culture and are always on a look out for the next big opportunity.


To become a benchmark product and service provider for Equity & Derivatives markets in India

To Identify Industry's trading needs, problems and provide solution related to it.


- We intend to become themost preferred Training Institute in the field of Equity & Derivatives markets with a focus towards practical sessions in simulated market environment using innovative technologies. Our goal is to make people aware of risk and return prevailing in different segments and ways to manage it effectively.

Each of our leaders brings in diversified experience from various fields of the above segments. Our infrastructure and processes coupled with our sincerity and passion is what makes us confident of achieving our goals and making our vision a reality.


Trade with Experience

Our goal is to enlighten the trading pathway for market participants with knowledge gained from real trading experience or by testing new ideas on anvil of past data. Our vision is to deliver knowledge based services to all types of market participants like speculators, arbitrageurs, hedgers and investors.


We are the first company in India to launch to trading through live Volatility
We are dealing with more than 50 members of NSE & BSE
We have successfully competed the program designed with BSE to promote Option Trading throughout India throughout India
We have joined hands with BSE Brokers Forum to educate people for Derivatives Market
We have trained more than 8000 Students till date
We are the first company in India to launch Courses for Volga &Vanna, Second line Option Greeks of Volatility
Company Promoted by Group of Chartered Accountants,
Financial Engineer and MBA from IIM
We trade Options, train people for Options and make software for Options